Organized by Cukierman & Co. Investment House and Catalyst Funds, and now in its 22nd event, GoforIsrael is one of the most prestigious business conferences held in Israel. The event gathers highly respected speakers and participants from numerous countries including Israel, China, the US and Europe, alongside investors and management from top Israeli companies in the fields of technology and innovation.   


Our most recent GoforIsrael event in Foshan, China was attended by more than 1,200 investors, industry leaders and various business figures from China and Israel. We brought with us more than 100 leading Israeli technology companies that participated in over 800 one on one meetings during the conference with hundreds of Chinese investors including Alibaba executives, Ping An, Tencent, Baidu, Lenovo, Sailing Capital, GF Securities, Haitong and many funds, competing for their time and meetings with directors of Israeli companies.


Our next event will take place on May 28th, 2019 at The Shandong Hotel in Jinan, China co-organized with Shandong Guohui Investment Co. & Jinan Pioneer Area, where some of the major participants will include managers from Chinese publicly traded companies, VC and PE Funds, conglomerates, family offices, financial institutions and 100 of the most innovative Israeli technology companies.


The Conference in Jinan will address current issues in fundraising and establishing strategic alliances between Israeli companies and Chinese businesses and financial institutions and enhance bilateral relationships between Shandong and Israel.


In our previous event in Foshan, the Israeli companies that appeared before the Chinese investors were well-established high-tech companies alongside young startups from a variety of fields including Agro and Green Technology, TMT, CleanTech, Energy, Life Sciences, Mobility, Automotive and more,all of which received tremendous interest; to name just a few of those present: Trax, Orbotech, HearMeOut, Lamina, UBQ Materials, Valcare, Curalife, Check-Cap, PerfAction, NGT3VC, MindUP and more.


In previous years, our conference has welcomed several Heads of State, including Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.  


Sponsors came from leading investment and technology firms in Israel and China. CEO’s, CFO’s, Directors, Managers and other key Executives from the following reowned companies participated in this conference:Catalyst CEL, Cukierman Yafo Investement, China Everbright Limited, Nanfung Group, Changzhou Innovation Park, Lamina & Catalyst Fund Partner, BGV Fund, Hang Lung Properties, AgriCapital Corporation, X-jet 3D, Lenovo, Head Sense, Orbimed, Rainbow, Curalife, HeraMed, Gal Medics, KPMG, Nefatim and Ratio.



We are looking forward to welcoming you at The Shandong Hotel in Jinan, Shandong, China on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019.

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