In October 2019, the International Venture Club, together with a select group of invited guests, will gather in Denmark. Over the course of two intense days, we will bring 80 senior corporate innovators, independent venture capital fund managers and strategic investors together in a relaxed, retreat style setting to forge new relationships, deepen existing ones and give them some much needed space and time to share ideas and opportunities.


The programme has been designed by leading investors, weary of formulaic panels and keynote conferences, in the simple belief that senior and seasoned investors have a real need to come together, to speak, to listen, in short, to collaborate. In a collective spirit of trust investors attending will deep-dive, via facilitated breakout sessions, into core issues challenging senior practitioners.


''The IVC and Tech Tour have been running mission-critical events for Europe’s tech investor community for many, many years. Smart Capital 2017 brings all that experience & insight to a very special summit meeting of independent and corporate venture capital investors. 


We all know deals don’t happen overnight. They also don’t happen with strangers. Just like last year, Smart Capital brings over 80 senior investors together to forge new relationships, deepen existing ones, and with dedicated co-investment sessions – do business."


Stephan Morais - President of Smart Capital 2017,  Managing Partner at Indico Capital Partners 


Why attend?


  • 2 days to engage in a relaxed atmosphere with fellow corporate and independent VCs
  • Data-driven break-out sessions covering critical issues at portfolio company level
  • Deal syndication sessions in key sectors such as Mobility, Sustainability, Healthcare and Deep-Tech 
  • Designed and delivered by an active club of leading international VCs
  • Limited attendance of 80 partner level participants from Europe, Asia and the US
       (incl. Corporate Innovation leaders, VC, Family offices and institutional investors). 
  • Informal atmosphere of collaboration and trust - A chance to really meet and collaborate with your peers