Moscow City Government & Tech Tour Scouting Top European Startups


Tech Tour is excited to present you the Tech Tour Moscow Health Challenge 2021 in collaboration with the Moscow Center for Innovation Technology in Healthcare by Moscow City Government. We joined forces to scout for the best 10+ European health companies ready for hospital deployment and looking to expand their business to Russia.  


Is this for you ? 

  1. Are you interested in expanding to Russia ? 
  2. Is your innovation ready for trial / pilot deployment at medical clinics & hospitals ?
  3. Is your product focused оn any of the following categories:


  • Big Data and AI algorithms : Structuring and Analyzing Textual Medical Data​
  • Analyzing data from medical and wearable devices​
  • Medical and management decision support systems​
  • Services aimed at increasing quality of life and life expectancy 
  • Services for remote patient monitoring
  • Computer vision from medical and consumer devices (except RG / MRI / CT)



If you meet the selection criteria above or have companies in your portfolio/ network that should be on the radar of Moscow Center for Innovation Technology in Healthcare for potential partnership/ investment, you are encouraged to apply via the link below. 




Become part of the Final 10+ Selected European companies and have the opportunity to share how your expertise and technology could support Russia's medical clinics and hospitals. All high potential companies will have the following benefits:


  • Readiness by Moscow Center for Innovation Technology in Healthcare to provide fast track and help with certification, adoption and, if required, changes in regulation
  • Engagement of local investors if startups look for funding
  • Business expansion
  • International exposure to investors


Programme Timeline

  • Start-ups application deadline: 31st October 2021
  • Selection Process: after 31st October 2021
  • Pitching Sessions: 19th November 


Hosted by


Moscow Centre for Innovations in Healthcare

Moscow Centre for Innovations in Healthcare

Moscow Centre for Innovations in Healthcare focuses on finding and piloting innovative solutions to enhance quality of medical services provided to people living in Moscow to improve quality of their lives and increase life expectancy. Program themes include: big data and AI in healthcare, including AI for clinical decision making , wearable devices to monitor and analyze data, services for remote patient monitoring, services aimed at increasing quality of life and life expectancy.




If you have any questions regarding the Tech Tour Moscow Health Challenge 2021, please contact Daniela Karadzhova at