One2One Meetings

15 min private meeting where you speak with a participant of choice. You can have as many meetings as you want (within the foreseen 15-minute timeslots), yet the meeting needs to be confirmed from the other party.

Reach out to those who can help you progress

Raise funding - Find or be found by an investor

Find partners and build relationships with key players

Date & time

  • Onsite One2One Meetings will be taking place during the Onsite Forum in Oslo:
    • On 29 March – during Onsite Networking Lunch between 12:05 and 13:50 CET
    • On 29 March – during the Coffee break between 15:20 and 16:00 CET.


Link for joining a meeting will be available in the Tech Tour platform once the meeting has been confirmed from the other person.

NB! Please make sure to check regularly your One2Ones and respond to all received requests, so that others can plan their time.

NB! For a meeting to be able to take place it needs to be confirmed from the other person.

NB! Please manage well the time for your meetings and make sure you show up for your confirmed meetings.



Check the full list of participants from the "Participants" Tab or grouped by type of participants from the respective sub-tabs "Advisory Board", "Presenting Companies", "Expert Jury", "Guests". 


How to invite participants?

You can invite them through our platform. Here is a video on how to do it.