What is the difference with your other programmes?

Future 21 features the best European companies being either part of Tech Tour 50, which is the fastest growing scale ups or being selected as top rated company from the other 2020 Tech Tour events.

Can the other members of my team join?

Yes! You are advised to join with two members of your team, so you can extract more value - while one of you is presenting your organisation in a breakout room or being an expert, the others could meet potential investors, companies, clients, partners.

Do I have to participate in the full 3 days?

In respect of being efficient, we recommend that you split which team member of your team joins/covers which part.

What will be the format of the sessions?

Interactive! It is all about being visible, helping others with recommendations, questions and building relations.

Who else will be attending?

250 presenting companies, 100 of the most active investors, 100 corporations, many European and international regions with a team of 5 - a total of 3000 highly respected people.

Is it free?

It is free! However you need to apply or get invited.

I am not an award winner - can I come as an observer or a guest?

Yes, you can come as a guest by registering here .

Is the event going to last for 3 full days?

No. The event will be running in the afternoons of the three days.

What are the criteria for being selected?

As investor, corporate representative, advisor, expert or region - you have to be active and innovation-driven organisation. As an entrepreneur, you have to be award winner in one of the 2020 Tech Tour events or part of the super scale up selection of Tech Tour. Apply or get invited and we will let you know if you are selected.

When will I know that I have been selected?

You should already know.

Are there already 1,000 selected companies?

There are 250 selected companies to join with a team of 5, which counts for 1250 representatives and guests.

Is this relevant for US investors?

At the Future21 event, we will have 250 tech scale-ups who raised EUR 3.8 Billion in total in 2020 alone. Over 40% of the # of investors in the companies are US or UK and as you know that % increases as the companies grow. So it is a very relevant quality target group for WSGR. Check out the investment data here (bottom of the page). The event platform allows 1on1s with all delegates and booths and push e-mails for partners.

Who can attend as Presenter/Expert/Participant?
  Entrepreneurs VC Corporate Cluster Advisory
Presenter CEO Partner Innovation officer Director Partner
Expert CFO Invest director CV director Manager Director
Participant CTO Analyst CV analyst Project/area officer Analyst

E.g. If you are an Entrepreneur - the CEO can be the Presenter, your CFO can be the Expert and the CTO can be the 3rd person joining from your team.