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The first edition of the Tech Tour Mental & Brain Health programme was a tremendous success. It concluded with an event on 2-3 May 2024 at the Nova Business School in Carcavelos, Portugal. The programme brought together 34 of the most promising mental and brain health technology companies selected by a panel of 55+ active investors and corporate partners. The participating investors have previously contributed to over €35 billion in total investments.


The two days of the event were packed with company pitch sessions, fireside chats, and engaging discussions. Topics included partnering with entrepreneurs in pharma and medtech, possibilities in data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as scaling opportunities and challenges in click therapeutics, among many others.


At the event, eight companies were recognised for their outstanding presentations and pioneering ideas. These companies were chosen by a jury of seasoned investors and industry experts. Congratulations to the following winners:



Feel Therapeutics: A digital precision medicine company aiming to reinvent mental health diagnosis, management, and care by integrating objective data and passive measurement.


Monument Tx: A neuroscience-focused precision medicine company with a unique digital biomarker platform that identifies shared biological abnormalities among psychiatric and neurological patients.


Neu Health: A spin-out from Oxford University, making the latest Parkinson's disease and dementia care accessible through an innovative smartphone-based clinical platform and patient program.


Neuroelectrics: Providing top-tier non-invasive, high-definition electrical brain stimulation technology for personalized neuromodulation to restore brain health and minimize disabilities.


Newronika: Developer of the world's most advanced deep brain stimulation system for Parkinson's, featuring hardware and proprietary algorithms to sense, filter, record, store, process brain signals, and adapt output in real time.


Oxa: The first breathing wearable that trains the nervous system with instant biofeedback, offering an AI-based gamified experience for enhanced stress resilience and improved sleep.


ViewMind: Revolutionizing cognitive health assessment through cutting-edge technology that analyses distinctive eye movement patterns for unparalleled precision in evaluating cognitive functions.


XRHealth: Operating state-of-the-art therapeutic care Virtual Clinics using proprietary FDA and CE-registered medical extended reality (XR) technology (virtual and augmented reality).


The event was hosted by the Nova School of Business and Economics and partnered with Boehringer Ingelheim, Johnson & Johnson, Ontario Brain Institute, and Zest Scientific (division of Zest Business Group).


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