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Every year Tech Tour meets with more than 2000 innovative companies in Europe which apply for our 20+ programmes in the sectors of digital, health tech and sustainability. From them, around 750 take part in the said programmes to meet with investors and peers and grow to reach their bold ambition.

From the 750 Selection committees of active investors in each sector picked the best 250 and Tech Tour challenged them to take part in Future21 – the gathering of tech companies, investors, corporations and professionals and a must for every tech entrepreneur.

The online event took place on 24 - 26 March and 165 companies rose to the challenge. Out of those 165 emerged the top 40 that we are presenting to you now - the best of the best, the top 40 emerging (seed and Series A) companies that should be on your radar. They are divided into 3 sectors - digital, health tech and sustainability. We also crowned the best growth and innovation companies - if you want to learn more about them click here.


Aistech Space are experts in geospatial analysis with its own constellation of small satellites. They support infrastructure that help clients understand and monitor their assets, making data driven decisions.

AIXaTECH GmbH provides crystal templates to reduce manufacturing costs, to increase yield and output.

Astrocast tracks assets, monitor the environment, and saves lives by building and operating the most advanced and sustainable satellite IoT network.

Augmented Robotics uses augmented reality technology to connect the world of analogue toys with the world of digital games, creating a whole new market.

Avantama AG is a leader in high-tech materials for electronics. Their material innovations are used in optical and electronic coatings. Their technology and know-how allow fast proof-of-concepts and focused product developments.

CtrlMovie is the only interactive technology that is playable theatrically as a collaborative experience. It creates interactive movies on its own and offers its technology and services to third party producers.

EFFECT Photonics have been shaping the future of photonics by interconnecting humanity through fast, affordable, sustainable, and effective communication technologies. DWDM technology provides the world potentially unlimited data transmission capacity and bandwidth.

Mailo Versicherung - their insurance cover adapts to the client needs, the industry, the sales. From the request to the simple, tailor-made, and cost-effective protection in just 10 minutes.

nyris is a visual search platform that gives people a more natural way to find what they are looking for. With nyris, companies of all industries realize financial value while improving how people find, discover, and get things done.

Raum is a virtual reality collaboration application that is changing the way people work today, simplifying their interaction with the digital world.

Swiss Vault has the in-class solution for storage of large data. Their hardware design and software setup ensure rapid analysis at very low energy consumption.

Troy was founded to reinvent debt collection. Because they are convinced that they can make debt collection a positive experience - for all those customers who have accidentally or through no fault of their own failed to pay.

Valispace helps engineers escape from document hell. It brings all the ‘loose’ engineering data into one central place and helps streamline the engineers’ efforts from concept to test.

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