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236,904 employees, or more than 30% of the entire German automotive workforce, work in the Bavarian automotive sector. Some of the largest major international automotive companies – NIO, Lyft, Byton, Volkswagen, and Microsoft AI Lab – have R&D offices in the region.

All these make Bavaria Europe’s biggest manufacturing and mobility hub, and one of the largest in the world.

What Does Invest in Bavaria Do?

If you look beyond Bavaria’s beer, mountains, and brass music, you’ll discover where its true beauty lies – in its start-up ecosystem.

Invest in Bavaria (IB) supports international companies and start-ups, planning to enter the German market and establish themselves in Bavaria.

As the business promotion agency of the State of Bavaria, IB is there for international high-tech start-ups that want to know the Bavarian mobility ecosystem and set up a company in Bavaria.

The agency’s services are hands-on, confidential, and entirely free of charge. In addition to that, they offer a soft landing package called “Ois Easy”. It’s intended for international high-tech start-ups and includes different coaching opportunities and three months free of charge co-working space.

IB’s wealth of services are for every stage of setting up a business in Bavaria – from planning through looking for and selecting a location to implementing.

Invest in Bavaria continues to support companies even once they’re successfully established – for instance, throughout a planned expansion.

Key Industry Corporates Active in the Region

BMW, MAN, Audi, Mini, Brose, Rehau, Continental, Webasto, Siemens, Schaefller, as well as 1,000+ automotive suppliers, all have their headquarters in the region.

What’s more, Bavaria-based OEMs are among the most innovative automotive manufacturers in the world in the fields of electromobility, networked vehicles, and autonomous driving. This makes Bavaria THE hot-spot for all aspects of mobility.

International companies with R&D operations in Bavaria are NIO and Byton, both originating in China, and Lyft, having its origins in the U.S. The cooperation between global players and local start-ups and institutions creates a fruitful environment for all kind of innovations.

Local Start-up Success Stories

The most eminent ones include Flixbus, Lilium Aviation, and EmQopter.

  • Flixbus: Offering an intercity bus service, Flixbus has become one of the biggest and most successful mobility enterprises in Europe. In 2019, they got another financing of € 500 million to extend their services.
  • Lilium Aviation: The start-up from Weßling focuses on developing the first air-taxi of the world. The Lilium Jet can transport up to five persons.
  • EmQopter: Emqopter is a drone transportation system for all kinds of industries.

Connection with Tech Tour Mobility (TTM) Summit

TTM brings together European public stakeholders, start-ups, investors, and corporates, and offers an excellent platform to network.

“This unique mix is a perfect addition to the Bavarian mobility ecosystem, and we can’t wait to welcome you back!”