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Dr Colin Story and OxSonics’ co-founders spent most of 2013 working evenings and weekends. As a result, they were able to raise €3,000,000 in funding.

What Is SonoTran?

The aim of the funding was to develop a technology platform – SonoTran – to “enable a step-change in the therapeutic index of anti-cancer agents by increasing their dose and distribution within solid tumours without any development costs or delays associated with drug reformulation.

Based on technology originally conceived at the University of Oxford, OxSonics has been able to develop two key, novel core technologies:

  1. Injectable sono-sensitive particles that when activated by ultrasound cavitate to provide an active pumping mechanism.
  2. ‘See-as-you-treat’ technology that enables the users of OxSonics’ ultrasound system to map and monitor on-screen in real time active pumping, making the drug delivery platform high-throughput and intuitive to use.

The Problem and How OxSonics’s Proprietary Platform Solves It?

In non-medical terms, the innovative SonoTran technology serves to enhance the delivery of unmodified cancer drugs in a wide range of solid tumour patient groups.

Statistics show that solid tumours account for around 80% of all cancers and are generally the toughest cancers to treat.

For example, the median overall survival of metastatic colorectal cancer patients is around 21 months. By receiving an antibody-based therapy called Erbitux, this is increased by only three months to around 24 months.

“In pre-clinical studies, OxSonics has demonstrated the ability to increase the dose of this drug to tumours 3-4-fold, and to significantly increase cure rates,” shares Dr Colin Story and adds, “Overall, the SonoTran platform has the potential to positively impact millions of patients worldwide.”

Biggest Achievements

OxSonics’ and SonoTran’s biggest achievements are yet to come when they start treating their first patients.

A major achievement so far has been raising €15 million and growing the team to 25 employees. OxSonics used the capital to develop ground-breaking commercial-grade products that have the potential to positively influence cancer patients on a global scale.

In 2020, SonoTran is due to enter first-in-man clinical trials with the ultimate aim of improving therapeutic outcomes for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.

“The team at OxSonics is dedicated to improving the outcomes of as many solid tumour cancer patients as possible,” concludes Dr Colin Story.