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Deep tech startups have the ability to change the world and generate incredible economic value for early investors. They propose revolutionary solutions to global problems with the disruptive potential to create entirely new markets.

Over 100 unique deep tech companies applied for Tech Tour Deep Tech 2021 Programme with technologies that have the potential to make our society healthier, happier, and more sustainable. From logistic solutions to database innovations – we saw many ambitious projects but only the best pitched in front of investors on 17 & 18 November.

After an extensive selection process, our selection committee invited 46 hardware and software companies to participate. Now, we are proud to present the winners of Tech Tour Deep Tech 2021:



Living Optics Limited is delivering the next 10x gain in machine vision capability by using new computational and optical methods to radically miniaturize hyperspectral imaging systems.

Equal 1 Laboratories leverages commercially available semiconductor technology to deliver quantum enhanced machine learning solutions that empower businesses to overcome data-intensive AI challenges today.

e-peas S.A. provides industry leading energy harvesting and edge processing solutions to extend the lifetime of battery powered devices.

IQM is focused on developing superconducting hardware systems to enable the world’s first scalable quantum computing solution.

Oxford Quantum Circuits is Europe’s leader in quantum computing. With its private Quantum Computing-as-a-Service platform, OQC enables strategic partners and customers to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems.

VSORA is a French start-up focused on the development of a comprehensive solution to enable L4/L5 autonomous driving.

NVision Imaging Technologies is creating a new class of safe and highly informative quantum enhanced MRI agents that will lead to step changes in precision and patient experience.

Menta is the lead provider of embedded FPGA Ips. It is the choice for ASIC and SoCs designers who need fast, right-the-first time design and fast time to volume.

Optalysys Ltd combines the parallel processing of free space optics, with the fast modulation rates of silicon photonics to produce a unique hybrid chip-level technology.

EFFECT Photonics delivers highly integrated optical communications products based on its DWDM optical System-on-Chip technology.

DTE serves the global metals industry with a unique solution that provides powerful process insights for producers and manufacturers. Enabling faster, better, cheaper, greener metal production and manufactured products.

Software:'s mission is to create Living Assets, the NFT 2.0 platform that will power the next generation digital industry, and reach the mainstream user.

Output Sports uses sensing technology to track gym performance with lab grade accuracy & integrates this data for improved training, injury risk stratification & talent ID.

riskmethods GmbH empowers businesses to identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risk by using AI.

Swiss Vault designs and builds data storage systems for energy and space efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

MyDataModels provides an Automated Machine Learning SaaS platform for professionals having predictive modeling needs with no or limited access to data scientists, and for data scientists in need for improving their productivity.

Transformative AI are transforming the treatment of serious medical conditions by using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and novel analysis techniques employed at CERN.

Didimo Inc is the world’s leading provider of fast, automated solutions for the generation of high-quality real-time digital human avatars.

MOSTLY AI’s Synthetic Data Engine allows to simulate realistic & representative synthetic data at scale, by automatically learning patterns, structure and variation from existing data.

iVCV provides an explainable AI-based recruitment tool that creates a full detailed and unbiased candidates profile based just on the short video.

SLAMcore’s spatial intelligence software provides vision for robots and consumer products - real-time location, mapping and perception for autonomous operation.

Sedicii enables confidential data collaborations without the need to share any underlying data, with a suite of digital identity tools that deliver transaction certainty.