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The ocean is vital for human well-being. Covering over two thirds of the planet, it contains rich biodiverse habitats, provides invaluable ecosystem services, is central to global food security, and absorbs significant amounts of heat and carbon dioxide.

Overfishing and chemical and plastic pollution have resulted in species extinctions, variations in the biomass levels of the oceans, and the degradation of ecosystems, leading to the loss of half of all living corals. In addition, the impact of climate change has led to a rise in sea levels, ocean temperatures, ocean acidification, de-oxygenation, shifts in fish distribution, decrease in fish stocks, coastal erosion and extreme weather events.

We must manage the ocean well, use its resources sustainably and reduce environmental pressures to realise the full potential of the ocean economy.

Tech Tour Ocean is designed to help companies developing tech solutions in the sectors of ocean food, ocean energy and ocean shipping and transport to find partnerships and connections which will help them go further in making the Ocean sustainable.

The award winners will be invited to the Tech Tour Future22 event. There the award winners of the different programmes in digital, health and sustainability organized by Tech Tour will present. Future22 will take place on the 23-25 March, save the date and join us!

The award winners in this year’s Tech Tour Ocean are:

Blue Lice AS is catching salmon lice in the larval stage before they attach themselves to the salmon. This reduces the number of infestations and thus reduces the need for treatment. By exploiting the salmon lice’s natural instincts, they eliminate salmon lice without any adverse effects on the fish or the ecosystem.

CorPower Ocean brings reliable and competitive wave energy technology to the world, unlocking one of the largest untapped sources of renewable energy - harnessing the natural power of the oceans to help us tackle climate change and achieve a sustainable low-carbon future.

Evoy AS disrupts ocean transportation with turn-key electric propulsion systems for fast boats.

FLASC B.V. is developing a hydro-pneumatic energy storage system tailored for offshore applications. The objective is to bridge the gap between intermittent renewable energy production and a fluctuating consumer demand.

Genufeed helps insect farmers turn whole insect larvae into sustainable, cost-effective superior fish feed without extrusion.

Hydromea's multi-robot drone system will reduce cost by up to 90%, replace manned teams in dangerous confined spaces, significantly reduce downtime of an asset. Hydromea will provide a certification report to a client based on data collected by its portable autonomous underwater drones. We have unfair advantage in the portable autonomous underwater drone space and we are first to bring wireless underwater drone technology with full HD video feedback.

Innomar AS makes fishing both sustainable and digital. Their "DigiCatch" platform with the smart buoys allows fishermen to monitor the location of their equipment. It also allows authorities to monitor and control the industry. Harvesting other ocean data from the buoys will allow access to ocean analytics which is of interest to other stakeholders. Innomar also has sustainable fishing traps that can be equipped with IoT units that monitor catch levels and send wireless signals to the platform, allowing the fishermen to know if and when there is fish in their traps.

Optimeering Aqua AS helps farmers make better production decisions by combining farming data with advanced AI in the form of mathematical programming and machine learning models.

Redkik has been created to support the digital transformation of insurance in the cargo sector.

NativeWaves enables broadcasters and streaming providers to deliver deeper fan engagement through compelling and personalised media experiences and multi-screen immersion from live events.