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Photonics is the technology of generating and harnessing light and other forms of radiant energy whose quantum unit is the photon. Photonics involves cutting-edge uses of lasers, optics, fiber-optics, and electro-optical devices in numerous and diverse fields of technology.

The Top 60 Photonics & Photonics-enabled Systems tech companies seeking investment into different sub-sectors: Production technology & machine vision, Communications & optical components & infrastructure, Lighting & displays and Photonics-enabled technologies such as Medical & healthcare, Energy & climate, AR/VR, etc participated in Tech Tour Photonics 2021 and had the unique opportunity to take part in a series of online sessions and services, where they presented their ideas, collaborated with peers and attracted interest from investors and industry experts.

After detailed evaluation by the Expert Jury Members during the Photonics 2021 Pitching Sessions, 16 award winners were selected and will be invited to the Tech Tour Future22 event. There the award winners of the different programmes in digital, health and sustainability sectors organized by Tech Tour will present their business. Future22 will take place on the 23-25 March, save the date and join us!

The award winners in this year’s Tech Tour Photonics are:

OCTLIGHT aims to advance medical diagnostics using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for improved treatment options. They will do this by providing a OCT swept source for OEM integrators leveraging their proprietary VCSEL technology.

SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions offers cost effective, robust, high yield manufacturing solutions for the creation of nanometer resolution patterns (down to 10 nm) on a large variety of materials.

Fusion Bionic develops and distributes systems for producing biomimetic surfaces using a unique high-speed laser technology.

Hypermemo Oy has been successfully developing the laser glass-processing technology called GLAZER for several years now. GLAZER is based on an innovative CO2 laser. Hypermemo Oy is the first and the only company to date who has developed a laser specifically for industrial glass processing.

Morrow is a category defining vision tech company disrupting the global multifocal market with patented Autofocal glasses, sold direct-to-consumer.

Xeryon sells piezo stages (rotation and linear motion), piezo actuators and piezo motors to research institutes, aerospace, 3D printing, medical, laser... -industries.

Kubos is developing an exciting new material technology, using its unique and proprietary IP, to improve the efficiency of green LEDs and red microLEDs. This technology significantly improves green LED and red microLED performance, saving upto 700mTCO2e over 5 years in lighting and displays.

LIDROTEC's laser system reduces the number of damaged chips in the wafer dicing process by combining a laser to cut the materials with liquids to cool and rinse the material while it is being cut. This reduces costs for customers and increases profitability.

Ningaloo Biosystems’s products enable researchers and process developers to use light to influence processes in living cells. This way, controlling biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes in real time is possible for the first time.

PixelBiotech is building AI powered single-molecule genetic testing technologies and platforms. Being the inventor of the industry's first true multiplex single-molecule Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (smFISH) probe and an AI-powered data analysis platform, their mission is democratizing genetic testing by making it accurate, universal, affordable and accessible.

Lumiphase creates novel communication chips boosted by a unique optical crystal. The chips enable their customers to provide faster networks that consume less energy and will allow all of us to be better connected in the future.

INNOCISE is developing novel handling systems for industrial pick and place processes. Its technology has been researched for more than 15 years and is based on bio-inspired microstructures that adhere reversibly via van-der-Waals interactions on various surfaces.

MICLEDI Microdisplays is a leading fabless semiconductor design and technology company developing unique, high-performance microLED displays in a 300mm CMOS manufacturing platform.

Lusoco is a tech start-up focusing on a revolutionary new approach in the signage and built environment market for a brighter and more colorful future. Using fluorescent dyes to absorb sunlight and light guiding this towards edge-attached solar cells is the key of their technology.

GlucoSet is developing systems for the intensive care unit that will halve risk of infection and sepsis, and reduce cost and mortality by a quarter.

OPTINVENT's technology will enable the next paradigm shift to consumer augmented reality smart glasses. This technology is a disruptive optical see-through light guide technology which is lighter, cheaper, safer, and more comfortable to use vs. the competition as a result of over 15 years of R&D.