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Introducing Alexander Berg Puggaard, a 14-year-old prodigy attending Atheneskolen, a renowned school for gifted children. Alexander's remarkable journey began when he participated in the Danish "young scientists" competition, driven by his passion to address the global issue of safe drinking water scarcity. Motivated by the alarming statistics - UNICEF estimates that 2.2 billion people still lack access to safe drinking water - Alexander couldn't bear to witness the devastating consequences any longer. Every day, over 700 preschoolers lose their lives due to inadequate access to safe drinking water and sanitation services. 



Alexander's ingenious solution lies in harnessing naturally evaporating soil water, preventing it from dissipating into the atmosphere. His method eliminates the need for electricity, unreliable and expensive moving parts, or manual labour. This groundbreaking innovation sets his solution apart, providing a unique and efficient approach to collecting safe drinking water. 


Starting his journey with the "young scientists" competition, Alexander's passion and dedication propelled him to the finals. During this process, he developed a mockup and created two prototypes, which were successfully tested in Tanzania and Ghana respectively. Recognizing the potential of his innovation, Alexander promptly submitted a patent application. Now, he is actively seeking partners to help him take the initial steps toward establishing a test production. 


While the product is still in the prototype phase and hasn't had a significant impact yet, it holds tremendous potential. In Ghana, Alexander’s device was, and it successfully collected nearly 1 litre of water through natural evaporation. These early results give hope that the solution can provide relief to millions of people suffering from water scarcity. 




Alexander's journey has seen several milestones, with one significant achievement being his participation as a presenter at the Tech Tour Water Tech. This opportunity allowed him to share his idea, garner positive interest, and receive valuable feedback. Moreover, testing his device in Africa and achieving promising results is an accomplishment that fills him with immense pride. 


A pivotal moment that transformed Alexander into a doer and influenced his vision was when the competition jury recognized the relevance of his idea and recommended a patent application. This validation empowered him to take charge and turned him into the sole driver of his innovation. With the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of 2.2 billion people, Alexander felt it would be remiss of him not to seize it. 


Looking into the future, Alexander envisions his solution making a significant difference worldwide. In regions facing physical or economic water scarcity, his innovation can provide a short-term solution that liberates precious resources. This, in turn, will enhance living standards and improve the Human Development Index (HDI) in these areas. Additionally, the product's versatility can extend its impact to humanitarian aid organizations, where it can be used for transporting water or rebuilding heavily damaged water infrastructure in the aftermath of natural disasters. Furthermore, the product holds potential in other applications that require a temporary self-sufficient water supply. 


To transform his idea into reality and establish a business, Alexander seeks experience, funding, and partners who can contribute to production and distribution. As a teenager, he recognizes the importance of an attractive business model and understands that collaboration will be key to his success. 


Alexander's next steps on his journey to provide safe drinking water for 2.5 billion people involve producing the first pre-production batch for testing, followed by evaluation and pre-seed activities. These crucial steps will bring him closer to his ultimate goal. 


Participating in the Tech Tour Water Tech event held great significance for Alexander. Firstly, it offered him the opportunity to experience an international conference and understand its dynamics. Secondly, it provided a platform to connect with supporters and establish contacts within the water sector, fostering collaborations that could accelerate the realization of his vision. 


Alexander Berg Puggaard's passion, determination, and innovative thinking are driving forces in his mission to provide safe drinking water to millions. His unwavering commitment to helping those in need and his remarkable solution hold immense promise for a future where safe drinking water is accessible to all. As he continues his journey, Alexander is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of billions worldwide.