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The Tech Tour Bio-based Industries 2023 Programme recently concluded its prestigious event in Wuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, showcasing the top 36 game-changers in bio-based industries. These innovative enterprises are actively seeking deployment, growth opportunities, and strategic partnerships, making them stand out in the dynamic landscape of sustainable technologies. Now we are proud to present the 8 award-winners that are joining us at Tech Tour Growth Sustainability.  


ETB Global B.V. received accolades for its innovative single-stage process, leveraging a polyfunctional catalyst to produce bio-butadiene from ethanol. This breakthrough technology establishes a sustainable industry for renewable chemicals, showcasing the team's exceptional expertise in catalysts and zeolites R&D. 


Alkyl Recycling emerged victorious for its groundbreaking recycling process for diapers and Absorbent Hygiene Products. Addressing the eco-technological challenge of disposable diapers, Alkyl Recycling's green chemistry approach efficiently breaks down used diapers into reusable components, reducing waste and environmental impact. 


TripleW stood out for its transformative approach to waste management, utilizing lactic acid and PLA bioplastic made from 100% food waste. The company's innovation not only reduces environmental burden but also provides new revenue streams for waste management stakeholders, emphasizing a circular economy with post-consumer compostable bioplastic waste as feedstock. 


Papkot™ received recognition for pioneering a new era in sustainable packaging. Using AI and sol-gel chemistry, Papkot™ developed fully biodegradable and recyclable packaging solutions without compromising on food-grade standards. Their unique coating technology equips paper with plastic-like barrier properties while maintaining natural paper's end-of-life characteristics. 


Bloom Biorenewables, a Swiss chemical company, earned acclaim for its novel technology that valorizes biomass, particularly lignin. The "Bloom lignin" can be selectively converted to single aromatic molecules, serving as valuable building blocks for the fragrance industry. The company's approach contributes to sustainability in both the textile and fragrance sectors. 


Kelpi showcased its leadership in sustainable materials innovation by harnessing the properties of seaweed to create compostable, marine-safe, low-carbon packaging. The company's commitment to combating plastic pollution and utilizing seaweed's unique properties positions it as a frontrunner in eco-friendly packaging solutions. 


Montinutra Ltd. excels in combining proven industrial processes with low-value raw materials to create high-value products. Their sustainable and scalable technology focuses on fractionation, with applications in global markets such as cosmetics, coatings, paints, wood fibers, and phenolic antioxidants. 


Thinking tomorrow today, Fibers365 GmbH introduces a unique, state-of-the-art process providing functional, carbon-negative, competitive non-wood virgin fibers for paper and packaging, along with high-value side streams. 


These award-winners represent the pinnacle of innovation in the bio-based industries, embodying the spirit of sustainability, circular economy, and technological advancement. As they continue to seek investments, financing, and partnerships, these enterprises are poised to shape the future of bio-based technologies on a global scale.  


We extend our sincere gratitude to our partners, the Bio-Based Industry Consortium, Circular Valley, and Digitale Wirtschaft NRW, for their support and collaboration. We look forward to continuing this journey together and shaping a brighter, more eco-friendly future.