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As one of our partners for Tech Tour Sustainability 2023, we are happy to present Bryan, Garnier & Co - Europe's pre-eminent growth investment bank. To learn more about them, we interviewed Jay Marathe, Managing Director, Energy Transition and Sustainability.  


Bryan, Garnier & Co: A Journey of Evolution 

Bryan Garnier was created to develop in Europe the successful growth tech banking model that was pioneered by early leaders in Silicon Valley.  Independent and partner-owned, Bryan, Garnier & Co. was an early leader in the energy transition, starting with renewable generation and technology developments in those core technologies, moving on to energy management software, VPP and demand response, and then supporting a wave of green hydrogen and derivative products companies as well as the energy storage and electric vehicle revolutions. 


Simultaneously, we have developed a successful practice across the broader sustainability field, supporting companies in the circular economy, next-generation nutrition (including alternative meats and kinds of milk, insect protein and advanced agri-tech), and carbon tracking and trading. 


We help fast-growing European companies across their lifecycle, through both private and public transactions including capital raises, sell-side M&A, IPOs, and follow-on public-market capital raises. 


Today, Bryan, Garnier & Co boasts a global team of over 200 professionals across seven offices, making them a powerhouse for technology and sustainability investments. 

Identifying Promising Investment Opportunities 

One key to Bryan, Garnier & Co's success has been its dedicated teams of sector bankers supported by a research team with strong industry expertise. These specialists immerse themselves in specific growth industries, forming an understanding and identifying emerging high-potential companies. Clients and investors turn to Bryan, Garnier & Co given their expertise and track record. The firm has also forged lasting relationships with key investors, who rely on Bryan, Garnier & Co. to support them with portfolio companies and to bring them a deal flow of high-quality opportunities. Furthermore, they actively participate in tech events like Tech Tour's, building relationships with entrepreneurs and investors over time. 

Navigating Economic Challenges 

Flexibility and agility are Bryan, Garnier & Co's key strengths when helping clients with economic ups and downs. During challenging times, great companies still need capital and must seize opportunities to survive and thrive. Bryan, Garnier & Co leverages their network, reach and reputation to connect clients to the right investors or acquirers, whether venture capital funds, private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, family funds, industrial investors, or public market investors.  


When Bryan, Garnier & Co. selects a promising client to work with, they stay with them all the way to the end of the transaction, widening the opportunity-scape and creating a competitive dynamic to bring good choices to the table and to deliver an optimal outcome for the client and its shareholders. 

Long-term Partnership with Tech Tour 

Bryan, Garnier & Co recognizes Tech Tour as a premium forum and community for high-tech growth companies in Europe. This partnership has enhanced Bryan Garnier’s visibility in markets beyond its original core, allowing them to connect with promising growth companies and investors. Tech Tour, with its diverse events and programs, filters the best companies' growth companies to the top and showcases them to suitable investors and partners.  It has become a strong forum for larger growth-phase companies that have crossed the gap from an early stage. 

Unique Value for Participants 

Participants in Tech Tour programs and events partnering with Bryan, Garnier & Co. gain access to the vast sector expertise and transaction experience of Europe's pre-eminent growth investment bank. This invaluable resource helps management, shareholders, and investors to capitalize on the dynamic and rapidly changing tech landscape and achieve their growth ambitions. 

Challenges and Opportunities in European Markets 

Investors in European markets face both challenges and opportunities. These include navigating shifting technology trends, geopolitical influences, economic cycles, and external events. To succeed, investors must remain agile and adaptable, responding to these trends and investing at the right time. Europe, notably in energy and sustainability, continues to be a promising hub for investment and innovation. 

With its rich history of evolution and dedication to sustainability, Bryan, Garnier & Co. stands as a pivotal player in the tech and sustainability sectors, helping drive innovation and growth in the European market.  


Join us at Tech Tour Growth Sustainability 2023 on 27-29 November in Essen, Germany and work with us and Bryan, Garnier & Co. towards a more sustainable future for all.