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In digital technology and innovation, the potential for startups to drive change and create significant economic value is nothing short of remarkable. These visionary enterprises often tackle global challenges with revolutionary solutions, carving out entirely new markets.  

Tech Tour's Digital Frontiers & Trust 2023 event provided a stage for over 150 prominent digital companies to showcase their ideas. However, only a select few had the opportunity to pitch their innovations to a discerning audience of investors and experts on August 29th in Lausanne, Switzerland. 


Following an exhaustive selection process involving two rounds of intense and highly competitive pitching sessions, the top-rated companies of Tech Tour Digital Frontiers & Trust 2023 are unveiled. These nine remarkable companies are poised to make significant waves in the digital landscape, and their achievements deserve recognition. 



  1. ADIS SA: This innovative company develops medical systems and interactive software. Their flagship solution, ATICS, harnesses augmented reality (AR) to aid surgeons in visualizing radiology images without needing physical contact, preserving sterility in the operating room. 

  1. Tailent: An accessible and cost-effective provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, Tailent will redefine automation in the digital world. 

  1. Hive-Zox International: Pioneers in connected Monitoring as a Service (cMaaS), Hive-Zox offers a comprehensive Real-Time Visibility platform for global supply chains. This platform provides end-to-end monitoring by identifying and tracking products while observing environmental conditions throughout the supply chain, 24/7. 

  1. Bfore.AI: As the first predictive security solution, Bfore.AI assists organizations in proactively preventing intrusions and data exfiltration by predicting potential vectors for future cyberattacks. 

  1. Caplena: Transforming vast volumes of customer feedback data into actionable insights within minutes, Caplena employs innovative Augmented Intelligence technology, making it a valuable addition to the customer feedback Software as a Service (SaaS) sector. 

  1. HypnoVR: A leading provider of certified digital therapies for pain, stress, and anxiety reduction, HypnoVR offers a non-drug treatment alternative that is both safe and easily accessible. 

  1. Lagrange: Focusing on mitigating supply chain uncertainties and disruptions, Lagrange automates supply chain network assessments, identifying areas for improvement. This approach saves time, reduces costs, and minimizes carbon footprints in supply chains. 

  1. Integrated seamlessly into clinical workflows, is an AI solution that simplifies matching patients to clinical trials. This innovation broadens the pool of eligible patients, streamlines trial inclusion in treatment decisions, and accelerates recruitment. 

  1. SwarmOne: Operating in stealth mode while collaborating with beta customers worldwide, SwarmOne will revolutionize computing and consumption through its patented technology. 


These nine companies are a testament to the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that continues to drive the digital technology sector forward. As they embark on their respective journeys, they are poised to reshape industries, challenge conventions, and redefine what is possible in the digital age. Keep a close eye on these startups; their stories are only beginning, and their potential is boundless. 


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