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In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, intellectual property (IP) remains a cornerstone of innovation and business strategy. Recognising the paramount importance of informed IP management, the European Patent Office (EPO) invites you to their premier digital event — Patent Knowledge Week 2023. Scheduled from 28 to 30 November 2023, this online event pledges to enlighten, engage, and empower startups, SMEs, investors, and entrepreneurs with the intricate nuances of patent data, artificial intelligence (AI), and the new transformative Unitary Patent system. Participation is FREE. Secure your spot HERE.

Why patent knowledge week is a must-attend event

Patent Knowledge Week is no ordinary event. It is a comprehensive, cutting-edge digital forum accessible to a global audience, focusing on delivering in-depth insights into patent intelligence, data innovation, and knowledge transfer. Catering to a diverse spectrum of participants — from seasoned patent information experts to nascent occasional users — the conference aims to seamlessly integrate patent knowledge into effective business strategies that catapult enterprises to the forefront of innovation.

A deep dive into the program

This meticulously curated three-day conference is filled with keynote speeches, interactive panel discussions, and hands-on labs, each carefully designed to enhance your understanding of patents and intellectual property.

Day 1: AI and patent intelligence

A keynote speech will explore AI's transformative impact on patents and patent searching. This will be followed by a deep dive into patent intelligence, examining the implications of AI on patent searching and discussing crucial aspects such as data coverage for analytics, integration of patent data with other sources, and upcoming EPO technology platforms. The day culminates in a dynamic panel discussion where experts from various domains will debate AI's influence on applicants, searchers, and IP authorities, promising a comprehensive exploration of AI's role in shaping the future of patent intelligence.

Day 2: Spotlight on SMEs and startups

The Unitary Patent System will be introduced, including insights into utilising EPO's data, tools and services for accessing information related to the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court. The second session will focus on the entrepreneurial sphere and will present findings from the EPO-EUIPO study on startups and introduce the innovative Deep Tech Finder tool, coupled with actionable advice and a glimpse into the future of EPO technology platforms. The afternoon is reserved for hands-on learning, with parallel labs providing immersive experiences in key EPO patent information products like Espacenet, PATSTAT, and the new IPscore 3.0, delving into diverse topics from efficient patent searches to the nuances of global patent information.

Day 3: The future of patent information

The final day of Patent Knowledge Week delves into the intricate world of patent data, with a keynote session dedicated to exploring the advanced facets of the EPO's bibliographic and legal event databases. This deep dive sets the stage for a thought-provoking panel discussion on the evolving landscape of patent information, bringing together voices from commercial providers and seasoned users. The afternoon sessions pivot towards the intersection of patent information with broader societal concerns, examining its role in finance and sustainability, and highlighting the EPO's ongoing efforts in knowledge transfer. The day concludes with reflective closing remarks, encapsulating the insights and inspirations drawn from the week's rich discourse.

Learning and innovating

Patent Knowledge Week 2023 is committed to providing startups and SMEs with the tools and knowledge to effectively navigate the Unitary Patent system, half a year post its launch. Attendees will be equipped to search UP-related data using EPO’s tools and access information on proceedings at the Unified Patent Court.


Furthermore, the event places a spotlight on the critical role of IP in business strategies, demonstrating how effectively used patent rights can significantly propel businesses forward. Through interactive sessions, startups and SMEs can connect with the expansive PATLIB (Patent Library) network, providing a local portal to invaluable IP knowledge and services.


This is not merely a conference; it is a platform for startups and SMEs to forge connections with industry experts, absorb knowledge from groundbreaking sessions and innovate by integrating patent data into their ventures.


The event promises to transform your perspective on patents and IP. This conference is your gateway to comprehending the landscape of patent knowledge, navigating the complexities of IP rights, and positioning your business at the vanguard of innovation.


Immerse yourself in the world of patent knowledge with Patent Knowledge Week 2023 and harness the full potential of IP to drive your business to new heights.


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