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Euronext, the pan-European stock exchange, has emerged as the preferred venue for European tech companies to go public. With over 1,900 issuers, Euronext is the leading listing venue in Europe and hosts more than 700 tech companies with a combined market capitalization of €1.1 trillion. 


Euronext's platform spans various tech sub-sectors, from hardware and software to digital services, TMT, cleantech, and biotech. In 2022, 41 tech companies went public on Euronext markets, raising €1.7 billion to finance their growth ambitions in the process. 


The success of Euronext's listings is exemplified by the success stories of Lhyfe and Industrie De Nora. Lhyfe, a French renewable hydrogen company, was listed on Euronext Paris in 2022 and raised €110 million with a total market capitalization of €410 million. Industrie De Nora, an Italian multinational company specializing in electrochemistry and green hydrogen, raised €474 million through its IPO on Euronext Milan. Lhyfe and Industrie De Nora are members of Euronext’s initiative, segment and index, Euronext Tech Leaders. 


As a leader in tech listing, Euronext has developed several initiatives to support high-growth tech companies in their growth journey. Euronext launched Euronext Tech Leaders in June 2022, an initiative dedicated to highlighting the visibility and attractiveness of high-growth and leading tech companies, together with a suite of pre-IPO and post-IPO services to support them along their listing journey – and the creation of an index encompassing all member companies of the segment. Euronext Tech Leaders brings together over 110 issuers with a large base of +2,400 institutional investors, corporate partners, and advisors.  


To support fast-growing tech companies in their pre-IPO phases, Euronext has developed TechShare, a six-month educational and mentoring program aimed at familiarizing key executives of tech companies with the strategic decision parameters and the process of taking a company public. TechShare is now a unique tech network gathering 80+ partners from the financial industry and 680+ alumni, of which 21 alumni have listed on Euronext, with 4 in 2022: Civitanavi, Aelis Farma, Broadpeak, and E-Novia. 


Euronext's team is committed to supporting companies in understanding how capital markets can constitute a relevant funding and liquidity tool for their growth funding needs. "Going public is a natural milestone for a successful business project and represents a great opportunity for accelerated growth for our European flagship companies in the tech sector. This is why Euronext is committed to highlighting these success stories and to providing these companies with every chance to increase their growth potential," said Anthony Attia, Global Head of Primary Markets & Post Trade at Euronext. 


In conclusion, Euronext's success in attracting and supporting European tech companies looking to go public has cemented its position as the leading listing venue in Europe. With a range of initiatives, including TechShare and Euronext Tech Leaders, Euronext is committed to supporting fast-growing companies in the tech sector and creating a stronger European tech community.