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The France Tech Transfer Invest program, jointly organized by BpiFrance and Tech Tour, recently concluded its 7th edition at the Bpifrance headquarters in Paris. This prestigious event brought together 40 selected French technology transfer spin-off companies, over 60 investors, corporate representatives, and governmental experts. The program focused on highlighting groundbreaking innovations in the fields of Biotech, Healthtech, Digital, and Greentech. Let's take a closer look at the winners and their transformative technologies.



GEOLITH is revolutionizing the lithium industry with its Li-Mag process and Li-capt process, enabling purification and direct extraction of lithium from various sources, resulting in increased production, reduced environmental impact, and expanded reserves.


BONDZAI introduces on-device AI software, empowering industrial equipment users and manufacturers with scalable and secure AIoT solutions for Industry 4.0, Robotics, and IIoT applications.


inHEART's AI-based solutions create digital twins of patients' hearts, assisting cardiologists in treatment support and predicting/screening cardiac diseases, ultimately enhancing cardiovascular care.


EktaH's innovative approach targets obesity by developing lipid agonists that activate oral fat taste receptors, triggering early satiety and leading to reduced dietary intake and body weight.


Orixha pioneers Liquid Ventilation technology with their Vent2Cool system, which induces therapeutic hypothermia rapidly, protecting critical organs and improving outcomes for patients in critical care settings.


HEPHAISTOS-Pharma specializes in immunotherapies against cancer, developing intravenous immunostimulants that effectively target hardly accessible tumors and metastatic patients.


DIAMIDEX offers innovative solutions for water microbiological analysis, delivering accurate and reliable identification and enumeration of targeted microorganisms with improved time efficiency and simplified protocols.


Sakowin produces decarbonized hydrogen through methane plasmolysis, providing a CO2-negative or neutral alternative to traditional hydrogen production methods with reduced energy consumption and environmental impact.


Recyc'Elit employs chemical separative technology to give an endless life to end-of-life textile waste, separating materials and creating multiple circular loops while significantly reducing CO2 emissions.


Five Lives develops digital therapeutics solutions for CNS conditions, including a mobile app empowering users to track brain health, reduce dementia risk, and improve overall brain function through engaging activities and clinical risk assessment.


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