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Huma, a UK-based healthcare technology company, was recently featured on the Tech Tour Growth50 List and received the prestigious Growth Award Health at the Tech Tour Growth Europe award ceremony in Paris on 8 March 2023. To gain insights into Huma's impressive growth and accomplishments, we interviewed Ingeborg Oie, Chief Financial and Strategy Officer of the company. 


Huma has developed a remote patient monitoring platform that enhances the delivery of connected care to patients and accelerates research and therapies. With a presence across multiple geographies on four continents, the company is dedicated to improving healthcare through digital technology. 


Ingeborg Oie joined Huma 18 months ago to help scale the company and bring digital-first care and research to as many patients and health systems around the world as possible. With a background in healthcare and experience as a CFO of a surgical robotics business, Ingeborg is passionate about contributing to Huma's mission. 


Founded over a decade ago, Huma has focused on using digital technology to provide better care for patients. The company's growth can be attributed to its partnerships with some of the largest pharma companies and health systems in the world, as well as its access to capital, fantastic technology, and talented team members. Ingeborg emphasised the importance of these partnerships in the company's success. 


While the Tech Tour Growth50 list recognises companies with the potential to become unicorns, Ingeborg explained that Huma's primary focus is on the impact they have on patients. The company aims to reach the largest number of people possible, providing valuable solutions that improve patient outcomes, enhance efficiency in health systems, and offer convenience. Success as a company will naturally follow if these goals are achieved. 


Ingeborg acknowledged the challenges of rapid growth, including serving diverse customers, expanding the team, and operating across multiple geographies. She believes that learning from mistakes, effective communication, and focusing on the most critical problems are essential for overcoming these challenges. 


The key factors contributing to Huma's success are their early partners, such as Bayer Pharmaceutical, Smith and Nephew, and AstraZeneca, who believed in the company's potential. In addition, Ingeborg reiterated the importance of having the right team, technology, and capital for achieving success. 


When asked about her advice for other entrepreneurs seeking similar growth, Ingeborg underscored the importance of grit, perseverance, and surrounding oneself with a supportive and enjoyable team. Navigating difficult times is inevitable, but success can be achieved by maintaining determination and resilience. 


If you are interested in learning more about Huma's journey and Ingeborg Oie's insights, watch the full interview below.