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Tech Tour, Europe's largest investor community, has released its newest Impact Data report. The report analyses 3,159 unique companies that participated in Tech Tour programmes from 2016 to mid-2023. It explores developments and trends within the Tech Tour community, providing valuable insights into Tech Tour's position in the investment ecosystem.  


Over the last 7 and a half years, entrepreneurs who presented at Tech Tour events cumulatively raised over €20.7 billion in investments. This underscores the pivotal role that Tech Tour occupies in fostering investment in tech start-ups and scale-ups. 



Key takeaways 


The data-rich report (see Infogram here) uncovers several noteworthy trends about the companies and investment community that Tech Tour is serving:  


  • High investment relevance: 76% of the companies that were selected in the Tech Tour programmes raised funding, with an average capital inflow of €8.6 million per company.  It demonstrates the high relevance to investors with more than 3 companies out of 4 companies on average being funded. 

  • Timely company selection: 78% of the total funding raised over the life of the company was committed to after the 1st presentation at a Tech Tour event, meaning that the bulk of funding of selected companies is raised after the Tech Tour presentation. 

  • Broad investor engagement: 3,190 active unique investors funded the 3,159 Tech Tour company alumni, indicating the width and variety of investors backing the funding raised. 

  • Gender balanced tech entrepreneurship has a long way to go: Companies with women in executive roles constituted just 12.9%. 

  • Balanced sector investments: Investments spanned diverse sectors, with 33% of total funding going to digital, 27% to health, and 24% to sustainability. 2022 saw a rapid increase towards sustainability, growing to 34% of total investment. 

  • Early-stage investment (seed & series A) is most common round: while the breakdown of the amounts suggests a later stage focus, over 4 out of 5 rounds were seed or Series A rounds, highlighting the early-stage capacity of Tech Tour's investors reach. 

  • Increased investments in Switzerland: According to the Tech Tour Impact data, Switzerland has witnessed a notable increase in investments. In the first quarter of 2023 alone, Swiss companies participating in Tech Tour events raised an impressive EUR 551 M, surpassing the total amount raised in the entire year of 2022, which stood at EUR 580 M.  


    The reason for this growth is the acquisition of Metaco for USD 250 M, and the two rounds of USD 150 M and USD 48 M for DistalMotion SA and ecoRobotix. 



Tech Tour's Impact Data report provides a comprehensive snapshot of the dynamic Tech Tour community, encompassing investors, entrepreneurs, and industry stakeholders. As Tech Tour persists in facilitating networking opportunities, promoting collaboration, and spotlighting the most promising European tech companies, its influence on innovation and investment is bound to escalate.   


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