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After the success of its 2021 and 2022 editions, the Nordic Innovation Fair (NIF) has once again opened its doors, this time for the 2023 edition. Held on 25 and 26 September 2023 in Copenhagen, this event marked a transformative moment where Nordic spin-offs met with international investors and industry leaders. 


This year's event was a collaborative effort with Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Central Denmark Region, North Denmark Region, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Region of Southern Denmark, Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, and University of Southern Denmark. 


The annual Nordic Innovation Fair stands as a beacon for matchmaking and networking, uniting stakeholders across the Nordic innovation ecosystem. It presented business scouts and international investors with an opportunity to engage directly with the latest scientific advancements and the minds behind them. In this edition, the NIF showcased over 120 cases, emphasising top-rated early-stage (research-based) spinouts. The select projects had been meticulously curated by a Selection Panel comprising international investors and corporates, ensuring attendees were presented with only the most groundbreaking innovations. 


Tech Tour played an integral role in co-organising the selection of pitching cases, providing an academy for pitch training, and orchestrating the pitching sessions at the Fair on 26 September. Participation in the pitching sessions was exclusive, open only to spinout companies and/or research cases emanating from the collaborating universities.  



Among the selected best-presenting entrepreneurs were: 


Gefjon Pharmaceuticals presents a novel approach to prevent infections with bacteria in animals. Their vaccine platform based on bacterial extracellular vesicles offers a highly competitive solution to the antimicrobial resistance crises while at the same time increasing animal welfare and productivity. 


Microcardix, a spin-out from Karolinska Institute, develops the next-gen heart biopsy device. Their minimally invasive microcatheter device, compact and flexible, ensures safer, precise diagnostics, aligning with modern molecular 'omics' for accelerated precision cardiology. They have bridged the idea to clinical approval, carving a path towards enhanced endovascular biopsy, particularly in cardiology, while also exploring applications for nearby major organs, such as the lungs, liver, and kidneys. 


Luper Technologies provides effective industrial air cleaning systems. The novel, patented technology cleans the air based on the natural, self-cleaning mechanisms of Earth's atmosphere. The systems unburden industrial companies from their air pollution because they operate fully in the gas phase, consume little energy, have virtually no pressure drop and are easy to maintain. 


OrganAnalytics is an R2B project at Tampere University. Our research will give information to surgeons about the viability of a donated organ for transplant. Currently, 25% of donated organs are not used due to insufficient information about tissue degradation during transport. Our device has the potential to increase the transplant industry in the US by more than 10 billion USD. We anticipate the use of our device during most transplant procedures. The potential market in the US for OrganAnalytics is 100 million+ for the transplant business. There is also the potential to use our device for surgeries in the future, which would greatly increase our potential market size.


Ousia Pharma is a biotech spin-out from the University of Copenhagen, developing novel peptide-drug conjugates for the treatment of obesity and metabolic diseases. The company uses a proprietary targeting approach in which peptides are used to deliver modulators of synaptic plasticity to drive potent and sustained weight loss without compromising safety. They are dedicated to developing effective and safe pharmacotherapies to improve the health and lives of people living with metabolic and cognitive disorders. 


Agate Sensors develops a full spectral sensor solution. Their sensor technology combines the worlds of traditional RGB and hyperspectral imaging on a single chip, allowing the creation of over 1,000 colours per single pixel. Their patented breakthrough technology tackles size, spectral resolution, power, and pricing challenges in hyperspectral imaging, enabling solutions for pressing issues in environmental monitoring, healthcare, security, and industrial automation. 


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