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The Tech Tour NRW Green Programme is tailor-made for start-ups based in the North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) region that are pioneering tech solutions in the expansive field of green and sustainability. Its primary mission is to bolster these emerging companies' investment readiness while fostering relationships with potential investors. Entrepreneurs participating in this four-month program gain invaluable exposure to strategic partners and investors, as well as ample networking opportunities with corporate investors and venture capitalists through a series of online and onsite activities. 


This initiative is brought to life by Tech Tour in collaboration with the Global Entrepreneurship Center (GEC) and NRW.BANK, making it a powerhouse of innovation and entrepreneurship support. 


The Tech Tour NRW Green recognizes and celebrates the outstanding achievements of innovative companies dedicated to environmental sustainability. These forward-thinking organizations have developed groundbreaking technologies and solutions that address pressing environmental challenges. Let's take a closer look at the award-winners and their remarkable solutions: 



b.fab pioneers a sustainable Formate Bioeconomy, harnessing CO2 and renewable energy to create bioproducts, revolutionizing production industries. 


Carbon Clean Technologies is dedicated to enabling the clean energy transition by transforming conventional power plants into renewable Integrated Storage Power Plants and providing a reliable, CO2-free heating supply through their innovative Carnot Battery technology. 


Co-reactive, a cutting-edge clean-tech start-up, revolutionizes cement production by providing sustainable CO2 mineralization plants that not only store captured CO2 but also yield valuable carbon-negative material for various industries, resulting in significant emissions savings and enhanced profitability. 


Creapaper offers the paper industry the fastest regrowing fibre worldwide, accessible to all and boasting exceptional ecological and economic advantages, including abundant supply, consistent quality, price stability, independence from commodities, scalable production, and outstanding sustainability. 


Cyclize pioneers an innovative plasma-based method, utilizing mixed plastic waste and CO2 to produce non-fossil syngas, a fundamental component in the chemical industry, thereby contributing to a carbon circular economy and significant reductions in CO2 emissions compared to traditional fossil feedstocks. 


ECO2GROW is revolutionizing the procurement of green energy for SMEs by offering standardized Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Their unique approach lowers costs and administrative complexity, making green energy more accessible. 


eeden is on a mission to reduce textile waste by developing efficient upcycling technology for used textiles. They enable fashion companies to offer circular garments, promoting sustainability and compliance with EU regulations. 


fronyx is transforming the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience by using voice-activated technology. Their innovative approach simplifies the process of finding charging points, making EV travel more convenient and sustainable. 


Gradyent is an AI-powered cloud platform dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and security of heating networks, with a vision to revolutionize energy savings by implementing advanced design, modelling, and control techniques, thereby reducing waste in the world's heating energy supply. 


Krauts & Sprouts is dedicated to reducing the use of peat in potting soils by developing a biological hydrogel made from photosynthetic microorganisms. This hydrogel retains water and captures CO2 from the atmosphere, contributing to climate change mitigation. 



Plastic Fischer is a social enterprise based in Germany that employs cost-efficient technologies to collect plastic waste from rivers before it enters the oceans. Their locally-built, low-tech solutions offer an effective and sustainable approach to combat plastic pollution. 


Polycare Research Technology develops affordable and sustainable building materials, including polymer concrete building blocks. Their innovative solutions reduce CO2 emissions and promote eco-friendly construction practices. 


Repair Rebels is making fashion repairs as convenient as buying new clothing while promoting sustainability. Their digital platform connects consumers with repair shops, facilitating a more sustainable approach to fashion. 


Samplistick addresses the challenge of excessive beauty product sampling, which contributes to over-consumption, waste, and environmental harm. By offering on-demand, sustainable, and consumer-centric beauty sampling solutions, Samplistick aims to revolutionize the industry, empower individuals to make sustainable choices and enhance the beauty shopping experience. 


socialbnb is an online platform connecting travellers with social and ecological projects and businesses worldwide. By offering travellers accommodations at these projects, socialbnb provides a sustainable source of income to support various initiatives. 


SomaTech is bringing sustainability to the food industry, using its solid-state fermentation platform to upcycle food waste creating nutritious and protein-rich functional ingredients. 


SUMTEQ  is a pioneer in the development of polymer nanofoams with micron and submicron-sized pores on an industrial scale. These foams offer exceptional insulation performance and absorptive capacity, revolutionizing the materials industry while promoting sustainability. 


Sunhat streamlines sustainability request processing for B2B customers and partners, allowing corporate sustainability teams to save time and resources while focusing on essential responsibilities. 


xemX is at the forefront of electrochemical material development, revolutionizing the industry with its integrated engineering process that aligns properties from discovery to industrial application, enabling scalable production across various electrochemical processes, including hydrogen generation, CO2, and NOx conversion, while significantly reducing time and risk. 


Zolitron is a pioneering scale-up, dedicated to transforming waste management by digitizing waste streams, connecting producers with recycling companies, and implementing cutting-edge solutions to optimize operations, reduce resource waste, and enhance sustainability, exemplified by their innovative platform Recycling Manager. 


These Tech Tour NRW Green award winners showcase the incredible potential of innovation in addressing environmental challenges and driving sustainability. Their dedication to creating a positive impact in various industries is genuinely commendable and offers hope for a more sustainable future. 


As award-winners from Tech Tour NRW Green they will also take part in our flagship sustainability event – Tech Tour Growth Sustainability 23 which will take place in Essen, Germany on 27-28 November. Register now to meet the top-notch companies in sustainability.