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For the past 7 years Tech Tour has been organizing together with PhotonHub Europe, Photonics21, PhotonDelta, PhotonVenture events focused on photonics and the impact has been astounding.  


In the span of the last 7 years, 190 unique companies presented at seven Tech Tour's photonics events. Out of these, 136 companies reported securing funding, highlighting the significant role Tech Tour plays in catalysing investment in photonics start-ups. Over the period, these companies collectively raised €973 million, with an average capital inflow of €5.1 million per company. See the full Impact Report here


This month Eindhoven played host to the most promising Photonics and photonics-enabled Systems tech entrepreneurs at the recent Tech Tour Photonics onsite event, marking a significant milestone in the realm of sustainable innovation. The event attracted around 40 selected early-stage companies, all actively seeking bigger seed and Series A investments, revenue traction, and strategic partnerships.  


Exclusive and invitation-only, the event gathered the best entrepreneurs and the most active investors, corporations, and governmental experts, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and growth in the photonics sector. 


Now, Tech Tour is unveiling the award-winners from our latest Photonics event:  


Morphotonics leads with large-area nanoimprint technologies, offering innovative nanoimprinting equipment for applications in display, automotive, and deep technology sectors. 


VoxelSensors is a fabless semiconductor startup providing Switching Pixels sensors for sequential 3D perception, outperforming LiDAR, ToF, and stereoscopy with its low-power, low-latency, and low-complexity Switching Pixels® sensing technology. 


Scintil Photonics enhances high-speed optical communications and chip interconnections with its III/V-Augmented Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuit (IC) product, enabling ultrahigh-speed communications. 


Livigate emerging from the research lab at DTU, delivers an all-integrated semiconductor chip-based LiDAR system for the robotics and drone industry, offering the world's first solid-state on-chip low-cost LiDAR sensor. 


NcodiN addresses the interconnect bottleneck in High-Performance Computing & AI processors with its optical interposer, using nanophotonic chips to replace copper wires and provide ultra-fast and energy-efficient data traffic. 


Quantune develops a QCL-based Infrared spectrometer for IoT sensors and the wrist, enabling continuous measurement of various molecules and biomarkers with unprecedented accuracy for proactive healthcare. 


Scinvivo's forward-looking OCT catheter enhances cancer treatment by providing real-time visualization of the bladder wall structure during cystoscopy examinations, personalizing treatment options for increased patient quality of life. 


Finchetto pioneers light-speed photonic processors and network switches, enabling faster, more sustainable computation. 


Optics11 is a global leader in advanced fiber optic sensing technology for energy and defense sectors, delivering accurate data and insights for improved safety and operational efficiency. 


Scantinel Photonics, backed by ZEISS Ventures and Scania Growth Capital, leads in FMCW sensing technology for long-range, reliable LiDAR sensors based on highly-integrated advanced photonics platforms. 


FaradaIC Sensors miniaturizes gas sensors on microchips to meet the growing demand in wearables, power distribution, aerospace, hydrogen economy, and logistics with scalable technology for a $10B+ market. 


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed partners—PhotonHub Europe, Photonics21, PhotonDelta, PhotonVentures, and supporting partners including Sheffield Haworth Technology and Zaz Ventures, TUE Eindhoven University of Technology, EHCI, EPIC, The Gate. Your unwavering support and collaboration have been instrumental in the success of Tech Tour Photonics, propelling the photonics industry towards new heights. 


As we look ahead, Tech Tour remains committed to fostering networking opportunities, encouraging collaboration, and continuing to spotlight the most promising photonics companies in Europe. Together with our partners, entrepreneurs, and investors, we are poised to shape a future where photonics continues to be a driving force in innovation and sustainable growth.