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Refurbed, a trailblazer in sustainable electronics, has earned a spot on the Tech Tour Growth50 List and received the Sustainability Growth Award at the Tech Tour Growth Europe award ceremony in Paris on 8 March 2023. We caught up with Peter Windischhofer, CEO of Refurbed, to discuss the company's achievements and vision for the future. 


As the fastest-growing online marketplace for refurbished electronic products in German-speaking countries, Refurbed presents a sustainable alternative to new devices like phones, laptops, and tablets. This eco-friendly approach prevents electronic waste and reduces environmental impact. Peter attributes the company's impressive growth to their value proposition of affordability and sustainability, which appeals to a broad range of consumers. 


When questioned about Refurbed's inclusion on the Tech Tour Growth50 List and the prospect of becoming a unicorn, Peter highlights that while it's an important achievement, their primary mission is making consumption sustainable for a large number of customers. For Refurbed, becoming a unicorn is merely one step on a much longer journey. 


Discussing the challenges of rapid growth, Peter identifies the expansion of their workforce and preserving a strong company culture as key issues. To tackle these challenges, Refurbed has concentrated on cultivating a culture that aligns with their mission and team members' personalities. This approach has enabled them to continue growing without encountering significant growth pains. 


The factors that have contributed to the company’s success involve maintaining a close relationship with customers, understanding their needs, and providing sustainable, affordable, and high-quality products. This customer-centric approach has been crucial in creating a positive customer experience and driving growth. 


Offering advice to other entrepreneurs seeking similar growth, Peter emphasises the importance of knowing your target audience, understanding their motivations and requirements, and selecting the right customers for your business. By focusing on these elements, companies can achieve success efficiently and effectively. 


Refurbed's remarkable growth and accomplishments are a testament to their commitment to sustainability, affordability, and customer satisfaction. As they continue to expand, their focus remains on promoting sustainable consumption for an ever-growing customer base. For entrepreneurs looking to follow in their footsteps, Peter Windischhofer's insights on understanding customers and fostering a strong company culture provide valuable guidance. 


To delve deeper into the insights shared by Peter Windischhofer, CEO of Refurbed, watch the full interview below.