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The Tech Tour South East event recently brought together an impressive assembly of top entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, and experts from Europe, Southeast Europe (SE), Central Europe (CE), and Israel. With insightful discussions on investment landscapes and the unveiling of the immense potential of the Greek tech industry, the event left participants exhilarated and inspired.


Endeavor Greece encapsulated the event's essence perfectly, expressing, "We caught up with industry leaders and gained valuable insights into the tech industry and what to expect going forward."


Similarly, Eleven Ventures' key takeaway was, "The Greek ecosystem is in full bloom!" - a testament to the vibrant growth and prospects within the Greek tech landscape.


The event facilitated dynamic discussions on emerging trends, funding opportunities, and challenges within the tech industry as well as pitches from the best tech companies in the region picked by our Selection Panel. It provided an invaluable platform for knowledge-sharing and building connections.


Meet the top companies that presented at the event:


Dronamics is leading the way as the world's first cargo drone airline. Their flagship drone, Black Swan, is specifically designed for cargo transport, capable of carrying up to 350 kg (770 lb) at a range of 2,500 km (1,550 mi). With impressive speed and cost efficiencies, Dronamics is transforming logistics by providing same-day shipping for various industries with reduced emissions.


BIOPIX-T, a Greek startup, has introduced "Pebble," a portable molecular diagnostic device for point-of-care applications. This affordable and highly accurate device, along with compatible test kits, facilitates the detection of viruses like SARS-CoV2 and Influenza A from both crude and extracted samples, making healthcare diagnostics more accessible.


Combining artificial intelligence with extensive maritime knowledge, DeepSea Technologies offers performance optimization tools like Cassandra and Pythia. These platforms enable data-driven decisions, resulting in cost savings, reduced CO2 emissions, and enhanced operational transparency, transforming the shipping industry.


Advantis Medical Imaging is at the forefront of cloud-based medical imaging software solutions. Their Advantis Platform, an advanced MRI software suite, simplifies and optimizes imaging processes for brain and prostate MRI exams. By reducing the workload for clinical organizations, Advantis aims to enhance patient care and accessibility in the medical field.


Addressing the growing demand for high-quality audio in content creation, Krotos provides innovative sound customization software. Acclaimed by industry giants like Hollywood and the gaming world, Krotos' products are used in major productions, making sound editing more efficient and creative for audio professionals worldwide.


Malty Foods is a food tech company committed to transforming the food industry through sustainable ingredients and innovative food products. Their Malty snacks combine convenience and health, harnessing the nutritional value of Malt to keep consumers energized and fit during busy times.


CoLumbo's AI assistant software offers an intelligent solution for the interpretation of lumbar spine MR scans. With a deep learning algorithm, CoLumbo reduces reading and reporting time for radiologists by up to 55%, while increasing measurement accuracy by up to 15%. This spine MRI AI tool is fully approved for clinical use in the USA and Europe, enhancing patient-physician communication and trust.


Clio Muse Tours introduces an innovative platform for creating high-quality audio tours for top attractions and city walks. These self-guided tours are bundled with entry tickets, boosting upselling success rates for travel companies. The tours are made accessible to global travellers through a mobile app or browser, enriching the travel experience.


Tech Tour South East highlighted the remarkable achievements of these companies and their dedication to driving positive change in their respective industries. As they continue to evolve and innovate, these startups are poised to make a lasting impact on the world.


In conclusion, the Tech Tour South East event showcased the thriving Greek tech ecosystem. Greece's tech scene is gaining momentum, and the event highlighted its immense potential.

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