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Threedy, a visual computing middleware provider, aims to change the way industrial 3D data is used throughout the entire value chain. Christian, CEO of Threedy, discusses the challenges when dealing with 3D data and how their technology solves these problems. Threedy is also a Tech Tour award winner. 


Meet Threedy, the Company Revolutionizing Industrial 3D Data 

Threedy, a company founded in 2020 by a team of researchers from Fraunhofer IGD, has been dedicated to solving the challenges of industrial 3D data processing and visualization in modern software infrastructures. Their technology, instant3Dhub, is a visual computing middleware that enables companies to unlock the full potential of their 3D data and develop advanced 3D applications, including Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality to bring Digital Twins to life. Based on 25 years of research, Threedy's unique infrastructure component allows customers and partners to meet the constantly growing demand for highly available 3D data in responsive and interactive applications. 


The spread of 3D data in industrial applications has heavily accelerated over the last years, and Threedy's technology solves the problems of processing and visualizing large amounts of 3D data in real-time, automatically integrating 3D with other business information, as well as ensuring the accuracy, consistency, and security while building tools that deliver a great user experience. 


From Research to Spinoff 

Threedy's journey started as a research group almost a decade ago, and over the years, they shaped their product in close coordination with industrial partners. With the growing needs of the industry, they decided to spin off the entire team from the research institute to form Threedy in late 2020. Today, they have transferred the development to the new organization and more than doubled the team to almost 50 people beginning of 2023 to establish Sales, Business Development, Finance, and Services, among others. 


Client’s Success Stories 

Threedy's technology has already made a significant impact on its clients. For instance, Trumpf is using instant3Dhub as an integral part of its Digital Service Twin called "Digitale Maschinenakte." Threedy's software enables Trumpf's customer service to visualize and communicate the 3D data of individual products worldwide while upholding security restrictions. After enabling instant3Dhub for training purposes, Threedy brings machine models to further use cases and audiences as a next step. 


Threedy’s Biggest Achievement 

One of Threedy's biggest achievements was the successful transition from the research institute to a spin-off, supported by a seed investment while building an international team of almost 50 motivated and highly qualified employees. Thanks to the teams’ commitment, it kept all customer relations and succeeded in expanding the business, especially in the Automotive and Manufacturing industries. 


The Future of Threedy 

As an infrastructure component, instant3Dhub can be integrated into various IT environments or cloud applications, enabling entirely new use cases for industrial 3D data. Threedy removes the burden on organizations to depend on file sizes, types, or end device capabilities when thinking about 3D data utilization. It sees the resulting acceleration of digitalization processes relying on 3D data at the core as a key differentiator to evolve the workflows of its customers and their business models. 


Adapting to the Current Situation 

Threedy was impacted by the recent importance of hybrid work. It’s enabling collaboration on 3D data while reducing infrastructural, and IT costs at the same time. Streamlining 3D data access by integrating with established collaboration tools is a logical next step for the company. 

Threedy has benefitted from the Tech Tour events and activities, especially investor contacts and networking opportunities. 

Threedy's vision of revolutionizing industrial 3D data has been supported by its technology, instant3Dhub. Threedy’s dedication to the continuous optimization of its solution and commitment to customers and partners has helped Threedy grow and expand, with a bright future ahead.