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The ongoing war in Ukraine has brought many challenges to the country, yet the Ukrainian startup ecosystem is growing, and more innovative companies are emerging. Here are some of the startups that are making waves in Ukraine and have attended our events: 


Hydrogen Ukraine (H2U): H2U is a company that develops and implements hydrogen fuel technologies in Ukraine. With the goal of creating a sustainable future for Ukraine, H2U focuses on the entire hydrogen supply chain, from production to transportation and storage. 


Waste Ukraine Analytics (WUA): WUA is a data-driven startup that helps companies optimise their waste management processes. By analysing waste data, WUA provides insights that help companies reduce waste and increase their efficiency. 


H2Drive: H2Drive develops hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). With a focus on creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for transportation, H2Drive is helping to reduce carbon emissions and promote clean energy. 


Kray Technologies: Kray Technologies is a company that specialises in computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. With expertise in object recognition, video analysis, and deep learning, Kray Technologies is helping companies across various industries automate and optimise their processes. 


3DLook: 3DLook is a startup that uses AI-powered technology to create accurate 3D body models. With applications in e-commerce, fashion, and healthcare, 3DLook's technology is changing the way companies approach sizing and fit. 


Click here to read the interview with Vadim Rogovskiy, co-founder and CEO of 3DLook.  


ATLANT3D Nanosystems: ATLANT 3D developed the first-ever atomic layer advanced manufacturing technology that enables materials, devices and microsystem development, as well as manufacturing with atomic precision more than 450 different materials. Their vision is to enable on-demand next-generation microelectronics manufacturing atom by atom on Earth and beyond.  


Listen to Maksym Plakhotnyuk, co-founder and CEO of Atlant 3D Nanosystems:  


Despite the challenges they face, Ukrainian startups are forging ahead, innovating and creating jobs. However, they need support to grow and achieve their full potential.  


Ukrainian startups such as H2U, WUA, H2Drive, Kray Technologies, 3DLook, and Atlant3D are creating innovative solutions to global problems.


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