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Clean, Denmark's Water and Environment Cluster, has partnered with Tech Tour for the Water Tech 2024 Investment Programme. Their mission is to position Danish companies as global frontrunners in environmental technologies. Serving as an innovation hub, Clean fosters collaboration between creators of environmental solutions and those facing environmental challenges. Through partnerships, the organisation facilitates innovation and creates business opportunities both within Denmark and abroad. This endeavour aims to stimulate business growth and accelerate the green transition. Clean is supported by, among others, the Danish Business Promotion Agency and the European Union.

Core vision

Water, and particularly water scarcity, is a growing global problem with roughly 50% of the world's population experiencing severe water scarcity for at least part of the year. These numbers are expected to increase, exacerbated by climate change and population growth, making it an urgent matter that attracts significant attention worldwide. More and more countries are witnessing the direct consequences of the water-related problems, in the form of flooding, drought, and heavy rain to name a few recent examples.



Water tech startups have great potential to help solve some of these multifarious problems. Some of the leading water technological companies are based in Denmark, and the Danish water industry has ambitious plans to develop even further.


Through partnerships and networks, Clean assists innovation-driven startups in scaling rapidly and establishing new contacts and innovation partners all over the world. The ambition is to create close relationships and collaborative alliances that strengthen the Danish water sector. In practice, this means engaging the actors in the relevant ecosystem, building on existing initiatives, while simultaneously involving various companies, international actors, universities, and promising startups.

Groundbreaking technologies and solutions in focus

The promising water tech startups are of high importance for the Danish water sector and economy. However, until 2021, there was no dedicated startup programme specifically for water-related startups. Since 2022, Clean has spearheaded a water accelerator program, with the aim of helping, guiding, and training water tech startups and assisting them in finding their product-market fit and scaling their business. This has been made possible only through close collaboration with partners and the industry.


Some of these startups develop solutions and technologies in the digitalisation and automation of the water industry. PFAS and phosphorus represent two thematic areas of significant interest, which demand immediate action and removal. Furthermore, there is an emergence of new technologies and crucial discussions surrounding climate adaptation technologies, spurred by the frequent heavy rain and flooding incidents across Europe.


Overall, startups are significantly impacting the water technology landscape. With a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, these companies are developing solutions to some of the world's most pressing water challenges. As global attention shifts towards sustainability, startups are well-positioned to continue leading the way in water technology.

Future directions for Clean's water technology innovation

The prospective developments for Clean's water technology innovation include intensifying connections with water-consuming industries and sectors, such as the food industry, pharmaceuticals, power-to-X, and the mining industry, among others. By working across value chains and linking startups with these industries, the organisation aims to maximise impact and foster innovation and growth.


For entrepreneurs and innovators striving to make a significant impact, it is essential to understand that connections, networking, and partnerships are critical components for scaling a business. Thus, it is important for any ambitious startup to engage with the right stakeholders at the right time. Joining a cluster organisation, supporting startups and small to medium-sized enterprises both nationally and internationally, can facilitate this. Leading cluster organisations can offer invaluable contacts both locally and globally. Additionally, clusters provide the advantage of long-term relationships and ongoing support, contrasting with the more "traditional" accelerators' stop-go approach.

Clean’s partnership with Tech Tour

Startup founders have extremely limited resources, typically bootstrapping their operations and needing to direct their focus towards the most relevant activities. This is particularly true for events and activities related to investors. Clean recognises the importance of focused and high-quality matchmaking among peers with a shared interest in water. Their goal is to move beyond the superficial "innovation theatre" of generic pitches, Q&As, and audiences that may be interested, but might not be the right people at the end of the day. Tech Tour's network and event format align perfectly with this ethos, and together with Clean have created an exceptional event specifically focused on water technology.


Participation in this event holds immense value for water startups, offering them an opportunity to potentially secure funding for their next significant step towards exploring new opportunities and approaches, which is of paramount importance to Clean. The investment aspect is highly attractive and in demand, as evidenced by the high engagement at last year's Tech Tour Water Tech event. Prior to 2023, there had been no investment event solely dedicated to water and water technology, where the interest, readiness, and quality of the startups were notably high. Therefore, Clean is delighted to once again partner with Tech Tour to replicate and expand upon last year's success on the 21st and 22nd of May at NIRAS' headquarters in Aarhus.


In the view of Clean, in the previous edition of the event, the standout features were the comprehensive setup, process, and the clear need this event fulfilled. The level of interest and quality among the pitching startups and scale-ups in Aarhus significantly exceeded expectations. Moreover, the calibre and quantity of applicant companies were so outstanding that the organisers decided to increase the number of companies invited to pitch.


The overwhelming positive feedback from both startups and investors underscored the event's success, confirming without a doubt after the inaugural event in 2023 that a repeat in 2024 was essential.


According to Clean, entrepreneurs should not underestimate the power of networking and personal relationships. The Tech Tour Water Tech event brings together high-quality startups and serious investors in the water tech space. With the support and active facilitation from world-leading water clusters and other vital connectors, Clean can guarantee that this will be "time well spent".


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