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Participating investors have contributed in the past to well over €7 Billion in total investments.


The Tech Tour Water Tech 2024 Investment Programme has recently unveiled its selection of the 36 most promising water technology companies. These selection was made by a Selection Panel of 45+ seasoned investors and corporate partners using a collaborative scouting and review methodology. (See the selected companies below.)


Key insights

Investor commitment: The investors involved collectively have made 730 investments in the past, contributing to a total of €7.3 Billion. They comprise 73% investment funds and 27% corporates.


Company funding: The selected companies historically have already received 71 investments from 49 investors.


Top countries by selected companies: The selected companies demonstrate a broad geographic presence, with the Netherlands and Denmark hosting 6 and 5 companies, respectively. Belgium and the United Kingdom follow closely with 4 companies each, whereas the United States is represented with 3 companies each. This shows the broad geographic reach of the programme.


Most represented subsectors: The companies are predominantly distributed across several key subsectors, with the energy sector leading with 57%. It is followed by home living which represents 17%, while chemicals, food, and enterprise software each account for 7%.


Check the Infogram below for more insights.




The selected companies will present their solutions at a live event on 21-22 May 2024 in Aarhus, Denmark. The event will include pitching sessions, keynote speeches, panel discussions, one2one meetings, and extensive networking opportunities.


The Programme is organised with the support of our partners: Clean, NIRAS, Water Valley Denmark, City of Aarhus, Kromann Reumert, The Water Council, The Link, Water Alliance, Solar Impulse Foundation, International Cleantech Network, The Trade Council, Erhvervshus Midtjylland, Erhvervshus Nordjylland, DHI, and Danfoss.


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