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Meet Tuomas Riski, the CEO at Norsepower, a company setting sail on a mission to revolutionize the maritime industry. Norsepower is on a voyage to harness wind power with their flagship product - the  Norsepower Rotor Sails™, aimed at decarbonizing shipping worldwide. They are not new to the Tech Tour Community as they joined our events in 2014 and again in 2021 - they were part of Tech Tour Ocean 2021 and are an award winner from Tech Tour Energy 2021. 


Setting Sail on a Green Voyage

What keeps them (him) up at night, you ask? Well, it's the pressing need to accelerate the adoption of sustainable shipping solutions. The maritime industry churns out a hefty 1 GT of CO2 emissions annually. Their (His) goal? To trim that down by a cool 80 MT through widespread implementation of their rotor sails.

Navigating Innovation

So, what's their product all about? Picture this: modernized versions of traditional sails, but with a high-tech twist. Norsepower Rotor Sails™ tap into wind power, slashing fuel consumption and emissions for ships. What sets them apart? It's not just the wind in their sails—their track record and commitment to innovation.

Charting Their Course

Norsepower's journey began with a bold vision: to bring sails back to shipping. Fast forward ten years, and they've outfitted eight vessels worldwide, with orders topping EUR 20 M. Norsepower is making waves, driving results for customers, and steering toward a greener maritime future.

Stories from the High Seas

Take Scandlines, for example. After installing Norsepower Rotor SailsTM, they saw fuel consumption and emissions drop on their ferries. It's not just savings—it's a testament to sustainability and a boost to their reputation.

Hoisting Their Biggest Achievement

Norsepower's proudest moment is closing a deal with Louis Dreyfus Armateurs and Airbus. They're installing six rotor sails per ship in a fleet dedicated to transporting airplane parts. It's a game-changer in sustainable shipping and a testament to their impact.

Tuomas Riski, CEO of Norsepower, commented: “This fleet-wide deal is a game changer for the whole auxiliary wind propulsion industry. Firstly, it is the biggest deal ever made in the mechanical sails market – and, in a world first, it includes our brand new Norsepower Sentient Control™ tool. We are honoured that the first charterer to utilise this advanced

control system is Airbus, the foremost expert in aerodynamics in the world. We thank LDA and Airbus for being forerunners of this industry – and look forward to our continued cooperation!”

Navigating the Tides of Change

What set Norsepower on this course? It was the realization that their tech could combat climate change head-on. They're not just sailing—they're steering the industry toward a greener horizon.

Plotting Their Course Ahead

The future? Tuomas sees Norsepower leading the charge toward sustainable shipping practices. Through innovation and collaboration, they aim to set new standards for environmental performance on the high seas.

Weathering the Storm

The maritime industry's facing rough seas, especially with new regulations like EU ETS and FuelEU Maritime. But they're ready. They're expanding their capacity, enhancing support for customers, and exploring new avenues for innovation.

Charting a Greener Course

So, there you have it—a glimpse into Norsepower's voyage toward a sustainable maritime future. With their rotor sails catching the wind, they're steering toward a greener horizon, one knot at a time.