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The third edition of the Tech Tour Ocean 2024 Investment Programme concluded with a dynamic event which took place in Bodø, Norway on May 13-14, 2024. This year, over 30 innovative companies, focused on ocean innovation, were carefully selected by a distinguished panel of more than 35 leading investors and corporate partners to present their technologies at onsite pitching sessions. These investors have previously made 700+ investments in the past, contributing to a total investment sum exceeding €7 billion. The selected companies have collectively received 120+ past investments


At the event, eight companies were recognised for their outstanding presentations and pioneering ideas.



These companies were chosen by a jury composed of seasoned investors and industry experts. Congratulations to the following winners:


AW-Energy Oy, a Finnish company developing the patented WaveRoller concept and product design. This is the first device to utilize the well-known form of ocean wave energy - the surge phenomenon.


Minesto AB, a world-leading marine energy technology developer with the mission to minimize the global carbon footprint of the energy industry by enabling commercial clean energy production from tidal streams and ocean currents.


Mocean Energy develops products that provide renewable energy from the ocean for offshore systems. The company is committed to designing and delivering wave energy converters to provide ocean equipment and the grid with clean, carbon-free, renewable energy.


REGENT Craft (Regional Electric Ground Effect Nautical Transport) builds seagliders, an electric maritime vehicle that operates exclusively over water for high-speed zero-emission coastal transportation.


SeaO2, a Dutch Ocean Carbon Removal company, harnessing the vast potential of the oceans with its cost-efficient electrochemical Direct Ocean Capture solution to remove CO2 from the atmosphere at gigaton scale.


Sundew is a blue biotech venture combating aquatic pests, diseases and invasive species with effective, affordable, and environmentally benign products based on advanced biological technologies.


TouchWind B.V. is developing a new type of low-cost downwind floating wind turbine with a tilted rotor. This design enables the turbine to produce energy in any storm, differentiating it from other turbines.


Vienna Textile Lab, a biotech/fashion tech company that focuses on the research, development, and production of textile dyes derived from microorganisms. Its goal is to successfully combine sustainability, safety, and performance and generate a commercially viable alternative to traditional, synthetic dyes.


These award-winners exemplify innovation in ocean solutions, embodying the spirit of sustainability and technological advancement.


We eagerly anticipate continuing this journey and shaping a brighter, more sustainable future with our partners: KPB, Innovation Norway, Løvold, Gigante Havbruk AS, Olaisen Blue Rogn, Katapult Ocean, Corporate Ventures Advisory, Ocean Hyway Cluster, ÅKP, Arctic Investment Group, and ShapingBio.


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