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Participating investors have contributed in the past to nearly €80 Billion in total investments. 


Tech Tour has just announced the 2024 selected companies of the Tech Tour Growth Deeptech Investment Programme. 50 leading growth deeptech companies in the hardware and software sectors were selected by a Selection Panel of 60+ active investors, using a collaborative scouting and review methodology. (See the Selected Companies list below.) 



The Programme is presided by Thomas Piliszczuk from imec and the Selection Panel is led by Osman Kent from Atlantic Bridge. 


Amidst the dynamic landscape of European technology, the selected companies of the Tech Tour Growth Deeptech 2024 Programme exemplify significant advancements in innovation across the hardware and software sectors. Their diverse representation not only highlights the potential within Europe's deeptech sector but also signals a future where technology addresses global challenges.

William Stevens, Managing Director of Tech Tour 


Key data of participating investors and selected companies: 


Investor commitment: The participating investors collectively have made 4,300+ investments in the past, contributing to €79.8 Billion. They comprise 77% investment funds and 23% corporates. This demonstrates a strong foundation of support for deeptech growth.  


Total funding achieved: The selected companies historically already have raised €1.3 Billion from 280 investors, indicating a robust investment track record and significant potential within the sector. 


Top countries by selected companies: The selection spans across Europe, with Germany leading with 11 companies. Switzerland and France follow with 9 and 8 companies respectively, Belgium has 6 representatives, and the United Kingdom has 4. This illustrates the geographic diversity of the selected companies. 


Most represented subsectors: The companies are primarily distributed across key subsectors, with semiconductors accounting for 25%. Energy and health each represent 13% of the selected companies. The space and transportation sectors follow, comprising 10% and 8% respectively. 


For more insights see the Infogram below. 


The selected companies will present their groundbreaking technologies at the Tech Tour Growth Deeptech event on 11 and 12 April 2024 in Leuven. The event is co-hosted by imec and partnered with Bryan, Garnier & Co, Cresco, Silverpeak, Logitech, Sheffield Haworth and PIC International Conference.   


Do not miss your chance to be at the forefront of innovation and meet the deeptech leaders. Register for the event HERE


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