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The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) is a non-profit organisation which stands at the forefront of steering Europe towards a sustainable, circular bio-based future. As a non-profit organisation, it plays a critical role in catalysing the growth and innovation of the bio-based industry.

Vision and Strategic Initiatives

BIC envisions a future where the bio-based industry in Europe is not only innovative and sustainable but also competitive on a global scale, establishing itself as the cornerstone of a circular bio-society by 2050. In pursuit of this vision, the consortium fosters connections across industry, academia, regions, and the general public, facilitating the transformation of bio-based feedstocks into groundbreaking sustainable products and applications. Moreover, BIC champions the creation of circular bioeconomy ecosystems through strategic investments, innovation, and know-how. It also represents the private sector in the Circular Bio-based Joint Undertaking (CBE JU), a €2 billion public-private partnership with the European Commission that builds upon the foundation laid by the Bio-based Joint Undertaking which was operational from 2014 to 2020.


What sets BIC apart is its comprehensive membership, which spans the entire bio-based value chain, encompassing a broad spectrum of sectors including agriculture, food & feed, aquatic and marine, chemicals and materials, technology providers, forestry and pulp & paper, waste management, and brand owners. This multifaceted membership promotes unprecedented collaboration across different industries that ordinarily might not interact, driving forward the bio-based sector in unique and innovative ways.

Overcoming Innovation Challenges

The Bio-based Industries Consortium is deeply committed to overcoming the challenge of scaling up innovation and bridging the gap known as the "valley of death" in the bio-based industries. Through strategic partnerships, networking opportunities, and highlighting access to finance, BIC strives to mitigate these commercial challenges, leveraging its role in the CBE JU to achieve these goals.


Additionally, BIC is dedicated to raising public awareness and inspiring future generations to view bio-based solutions as key to addressing climate change and facilitating a green transition. Efforts in this direction include media outreach, the Investment Portal showcasing BIC member investments in Europe, and the annual Bio-based Innovation Student Challenge Europe (BISC-E).

Expanding Influence and Growth

Since its inception in 2013 with just 30 founding members, the consortium has experienced significant expansion, now boasting over 250 Industry Members and 240 Associate Members. This remarkable growth underscores the widespread recognition of BIC's commitment to and effectiveness in advancing Europe's bio-based industries.


BIC has played a pivotal role in two significant public-private partnerships with the European Commission — the BBI JU (2014-2020) and the CBE JU (2020-present) — mobilising €5.7 billion in public and private investments to nurture the bio-based industry in Europe and unlock the full potential of the EU's bioeconomy.


Since its establishment, BIC has authored and commissioned numerous studies and reports, delving into various facets of Europe's bio-based industries. These documents offer analysis, unveil business opportunities, and enhance awareness.

Partnership with Tech Tour

BIC has successfully co-organised two events with Tech Tour. These events brought together bio-based SMEs and startups seeking funding or strategic partnerships with commercial actors, venture capitalists, and financial institutions, further demonstrating BIC's commitment to fostering innovation and growth within the bio-based sector. They are delighted to partner with Tech Tour, acknowledging their expertise and efficient network in this field.


Explore and register for Tech Tour Circular 2024, an event co-organised by the Bio-based Industries Consortium.